Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

DWPS Cooch Behar, offers a great variety of Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities (CCAs & ECAs) which are a vital part of our learning environment and students are encouraged to take part in a broad range of activities offered. From academic interest to sporting clubs and community initiatives. The Delhi World Public School System is aimed at developing confident, well rounded students with capabilities and the spirit to reach for the stars. The curriculum provides a rich variety of co-curricular activities, which we consider not extra but an ESSENTIAL part of a child's education.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Athletics, Table Tennis, Skating, Hockey, Caroms, Chess, Aerobics, Swimming, Archery & Yoga, Modified/minor Games for Nursery to Class 2

Co-Curricular Activities & Clubs Theatre Club, Arts and Craft Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Eco & Maths Club, Language Club, Animation, SUPW, Cooking without fire


Art & Craft

In the Art Gallery at DWPS CoochBehar, in addition to drawing and painting, students explore a wide range of crafts including pottery, handmade paper, recycling of paper, cotton spinning, weaving and textiles. Our arts and crafts facilities are well resourced-based on Indian traditions and culture. Students are educated to learn and appreciate art and take pride and pleasure in colours and creativity.



Music is about communication, creativity, co-operation, team work and by studying music in schools, students have the opportunity to build on these skills, enrich their lives, and experience the world from a new perspective. Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul. Music practice and education is compulsory for every student in DWPS, Cooch Behar.



Dance education aids the development of kinesthetic intelligence, physical fitness, appreciation of the body, concern for sound health practices, and effective stress management approaches. Through stimulating, all the senses, dance goes beyond verbal language in engaging dancers and promoting the development of multi-sensory beings. DWPS Cooch Behar emphasizes on Dance performances along with the best teachers in this field.

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