Message from the Principal

I believe that it is only through education that we can transform society- an equitable society, where every member is provided with ample opportunities for growth. Education plays an important role as a game-changer in bringing about such a transformation of balance, sustainability and progress. A school, as the primary pillar of education, should therefore be intellectually challenging, motivating, safe, and supportive of its young impressionistic scholars. Today 's school education involves infusing children with knowledge, skills and mindset that will be as relevant today, as in the distant future. It encompasses preparing them in body, mind and spirit to handle life-situations that stretches from the domain of the known to the realm of the unknown. The Delhi World Public School, Cooch Behar, will endeavour to balance the emotional, physical and intellectual quotients of its students. Its primary focus will be to provide the children with a curriculum that takes into account their holistic development. The children will be encouraged to learn through activities that range from the academic to the physical and the emotive. In this school, we shall not only expose them to the globalized world, but also inseminate in them a fond bonding with their local culture. The young minds will be illuminated with ideas, facts and issues in such a way that they grow up to be perceptive, compassionate and inquisitive human beings. The learning environment of this school will augment the capacity of the children to weave their own dreams and then work towards transmuting them into tangible realities. It will, therefore, be incumbent on us as mentors to help them keep alive their dreams - to guide them towards learning actively, in order that the learning is intrinsic and whatever is learnt stay s with them a lifetime. The very atmosphere of this school is quite eclectic - it is endowed with world-class infrastructure and pristine green surroundings. This will definitely help in leveraging the growth potential of every child who will come for passing out through its haloed portals. Therefore, at the onset of the school, I wish DWPS Cooch Behar the very best as it sets out to fructify the future dreams of its learners, and I ardently look forward to stewarding the school towards scaling new heights - towards creating for itself a very niche of its own.

Dr. Sujash Bhattacharya
Delhi World Public School, Cooch Behar

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